Brief hospitalization of Sen. John Fetterman following a car accident

On June 10th, a two-car crash in Maryland resulted in the brief hospitalization of Pennsylvania Senator John Fetterman and his wife, Giselle.

According to a statement from the Democrat’s office to USA Today, the Fettermans were taken to War Memorial Hospital in West Virginia on Sunday as a precautionary measure. The senator received treatment for a bruised shoulder, while there is no information available about his wife’s injuries.

Later in the day, they were released from the hospital.

The hospital also admitted the driver of the other car involved in the accident.

Fetterman took to Twitter on Monday to share about the accident, expressing that it was not the ideal way to commemorate their 16th wedding anniversary.

Yesterday, G and I were involved in a car accident, as you may have already heard. We appreciate all the kind words and well wishes from everyone.

My spouse and I had to spend our 16th wedding anniversary in a less than ideal way, but we are grateful to be back home in Braddock and surrounded by our loved ones. Senator John Fetterman shared a photo of the couple on Twitter and expressed their contentment despite the circumstances.

According to a spokesperson from the Maryland State Police, Fetterman collided with the back of a Chevrolet Impala while driving a Chevrolet Traverse on Interstate-70 in Hancock. This location is situated near the borders of Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

The agency is currently conducting an investigation and has not yet issued any citations.

In 2020, Fetterman had to be hospitalized for a short period of time when he checked himself into an inpatient facility due to experiencing depression.

During his senatorial campaign in 2022, he experienced a stroke. However, he has stated that it did not result in any physical limitations or problems with memory or language comprehension.

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