Bret Baier Surprised By Biden’s First Loss: ‘i’m Not Familiar With Jason Palmer’

In an unexpected turn of events, President Joe Biden suffered his first defeat during the Democratic presidential campaign on Super Tuesday. Surprisingly, he lost American Samoa to a relatively unknown candidate named Jason Palmer. This outcome came as a shock to many and has raised questions about Biden’s campaign strategy moving forward.

During Fox News’ primetime election coverage, host Bret Baier shared with viewers the outcome of the caucuses in American Samoa, a tiny U.S. territory nestled in the South Pacific and home to approximately 45,000 people.

“We just had a call in American Samoa,” he said, announcing, “President Biden will be defeated by Jason Palmer, a self-proclaimed entrepreneur and investor.”

As Baier spoke, his fellow panelists couldn’t help but chuckle in disbelief.

“He’s going to come out on top in the American Samoa Democratic caucus,” he confidently declared. “This signifies President Biden’s initial setback in the 2024 primaries. Palmer secures four delegates, while President Biden claims two.”

Baier, who has a deep understanding of U.S. politics, openly admitted, “I have no idea who Jason Palmer is. Nevertheless, he has emerged as the victor.”

Martha MacCallum jokingly remarked that President Biden must have dedicated a significant amount of time in American Samoa campaigning for his election.

In addition to the hiccup in American Samoa, where electoral votes are not in play due to its non-state status, Joe Biden achieved a remarkable feat on Super Tuesday by winning all 15 states. The only remaining challenger who is not Jason Palmer is Representative Dean Phillips (D-MN), who has struggled to gain momentum.

In a potential rematch, it is highly likely that Biden will once again go head-to-head with former President Donald Trump, who also emerged victorious on Tuesday night.

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