Boy Chases After Dad With Heartfelt Plea to Wait

A heartwarming video captured the moment when a father was about to leave in his car and his son came running up, asking for one last thing before he departed: a hug! In this incredibly adorable footage, the young boy hurried out of the house, desperately trying to catch his father’s attention. With arms waving and shouting, “Wait up!”, he managed to make the car come to a halt. Then, he made his heartfelt request for a hug.

“Before you leave, can I have a hug?” the child asked.

Dad couldn’t resist the urge to give his son a warm embrace, so he promptly exited the car and made his way towards the boy eagerly waiting in the driveway. With great enthusiasm, he scooped the child up in a powerful bear hug, effortlessly lifting his feet off the ground. After holding him for a moment, Dad tenderly released his grip and planted a loving kiss on his cheek. It was undeniably a heartwarming display of fatherhood at its finest.

Best. Dad. Ever.

Mom Dee Lavigne shared an adorable video on social media capturing a heartwarming hug between father and son. As vloggers, she and her family frequently share glimpses of their daily lives, but this particular video stood out as too cute not to share! Commenters were deeply touched by the loving exchange between the father and his son. Many were particularly impressed by the father’s response to his son’s request for a hug. Despite being busy and in a hurry, he still made sure to give his child the affection and attention he deserved.

According to a user’s comment, the father didn’t waste any time in pulling over the car to make his son comfortable. The user mentioned that this simple act of hugging could have had a significant impact on their day and possibly changed its trajectory.

One person expressed, “Fatherhood done right! Believe me when I say, never miss an opportunity to embrace your loved ones one more time.”

It is essential for all of us to remember this valuable lesson. Never underestimate the love of your family.

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