Bond granted to Young Thug’s attorney, avoiding weekend jail sentence

Brian Steel, the attorney of Young Thug, has been granted relief from reporting to jail this weekend.

After his emergency motion for bond was granted by the Georgia Supreme Court, this development emerged.

Steel has taken urgent action by filing an emergency motion for supersedeas bond in the Court of Appeals following his recent contempt of court ruling. Judge Ural Glanville had ordered him to serve 10 weekends in jail, effective immediately from Monday.

According to a report by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Ashleigh Merchant, who is representing Steel, expressed relief that her client won’t have to report to jail before 7 p.m. on Friday.

“We are delighted that Brian will be able to spend Father’s Day with his family this weekend,” she expressed. “The prompt and considerate handling of this unfortunate situation by our appellate courts is highly appreciated.”

On Monday, Channel 2 Action News witnessed Brian Steel being taken into custody for failing to answer questions about a confidential meeting between prosecutors, the judge, and Kenneth Copeland, a crucial witness in the YSL trial.

Steel was given a five-minute ultimatum by Judge Glanville to reveal the origin of the information regarding the meeting.

“He declined the offer.”

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, after the judge ordered Steel to serve time in jail, numerous Atlanta attorneys expressed their discontent and believed that the sentence was unjustifiable.

Upon being sentenced to serve time, Steel made a request to the judge to serve those days in Cobb County alongside his client, Young Thug. However, Glanville denied his request, prompting Steel to appeal the ruling and put a halt to his sentence.

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