Biden plans to visit Las Vegas and Reno

President Joe Biden has scheduled visits to Reno and Las Vegas next week as part of his campaign efforts in key battleground states, according to an announcement made on Thursday.

Biden is set to spend Monday and Tuesday in Nevada as part of the campaign’s “I’m on Board” month of action. The purpose of this initiative is to rally support among voters and volunteers as the election moves from the primary to the general stage. With both Biden and former President Donald Trump securing their parties’ nominations, the stage is now set for an intense campaign that will last for nearly eight months. The outcome of this campaign will ultimately hinge on the votes of swing states like Nevada.

This week alone, Biden has already made stops in New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Wisconsin. These states, which played a crucial role in his victory in the 2020 election, have now become key destinations for the President. On Thursday, he is set to visit Michigan before embarking on a trip out west next week.

Nevada, a crucial state for the electoral success of both candidates, has proven to be a closely contested battleground in the last two presidential cycles. Despite my consistent support for the Democratic candidate in the past four elections, the margin of victory in Nevada has been less than 3 points.

The Biden campaign is giving special attention to Nevada, as this will be the president’s third visit to the state in just over three months. First Lady Jill Biden made a visit to Las Vegas in early March, and Vice President Kamala Harris, who hails from nearby California, also made her third trip to Southern Nevada this year by visiting North Las Vegas on March 9.

Biden will make his first campaign visit to Northern Nevada this cycle with an event in Reno. However, it is worth noting that he had previously vacationed in Lake Tahoe in August.

Trump, on the other hand, has made two trips to Nevada this year. He hosted a rally in East Las Vegas in late January and celebrated his victory in the GOP caucus with a party in early February.

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