Biden Gains Ground or Takes Lead Over Trump in Multiple Swing States, According to Latest Poll

President Joe Biden is making significant progress in several crucial swing states, as indicated by a recent poll conducted by Bloomberg News/Morning Consult.

Trump has consistently held leads in all the battleground states of Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, according to previous iterations of the survey measuring voters’ preferences.

According to a poll conducted in March, Biden and Trump are now tied in Michigan and Pennsylvania, both at 45%. In addition, Biden has managed to pull ahead of Trump in Wisconsin, with a lead of 46% to 45%. This is a significant change from the previous poll conducted by Bloomberg and Morning Consult in February, which showed Trump leading in Pennsylvania by six points, Wisconsin by four points, and Michigan by two points.

In all of the other key states, Trump maintains a lead. He is ahead by five points in Arizona, seven points in Georgia, two points in Nevada, and six points in North Carolina.

If we assume that the remaining state-level results from 2020 were to repeat themselves in 2024, and we apply this data to the corresponding states on the Electoral College map, Biden would still emerge as the winner in 2024. However, his victory would be incredibly close, with a narrow margin of 270-268, only if he managed to secure all three states in which he either tied or defeated Trump.

If Trump were to regain the lead in any one of the three states, he would reclaim the presidency.

In March, Trump’s performance declined in every state except for Georgia. In Georgia, his margin of victory increased by one point, going from +6 to +7. However, his lead decreased in other key states. He previously held a six-point lead in Arizona, Nevada, and Pennsylvania, a nine-point lead in North Carolina, and a four-point lead in Wisconsin.

According to the results of the survey, a total of 4,932 individuals were interviewed to gauge their preferences. The poll had varying margins of error, ranging from 3 to 5 points, based on the different states involved.

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