Biden emphasizes the importance of maintaining order on college campuses amid protests

President Biden emphasized the importance of maintaining order on college campuses in response to the recent pro-Palestinian protests that have escalated into violence. He acknowledged the need to protect both the rule of law and freedom of expression, emphasizing that it is his responsibility to ensure that order prevails.

In response to reporters, Mr. Biden firmly stated that the National Guard should not intervene on college campuses. He further emphasized that the ongoing protests would not alter his stance or policies regarding the conflict between Israel and Hamas.

Pro-Palestinian protests have prompted the president to address the ongoing situation at college campuses across the nation. These demonstrations have led to the dismantling of encampments and arrests by the police. One notable incident occurred at the University of California, Los Angeles, where over 100 individuals were apprehended after refusing to comply with police orders to disperse. Additionally, a counter-protest resulted in an attack on the tent encampment on the campus, intensifying the chaotic atmosphere. Similar arrests have taken place at Columbia University and City College in New York City. As a result of these events, some institutions have made the decision to cancel in-person commencement ceremonies.

According to the president, the actions of vandalism, trespassing, and causing disruptions on campuses do not constitute peaceful protests. Speaking from the Roosevelt Room at the White House, he emphasized that threatening and intimidating individuals, as well as instilling fear, is not in line with the concept of peaceful protest. The president highlighted that such behavior is unlawful, and while dissent is crucial in a democracy, it should never result in disorder or the infringement of others’ rights. The president emphasized the importance of enabling students to complete their semester and receive a college education without any hindrances.

In his statement, the president emphasized the importance of dissent for a functioning democracy. However, he also cautioned against allowing dissent to escalate into chaos and violence.

“People deserve the opportunity to receive an education, to obtain a degree, and to navigate a college campus without the constant threat of violence. I want to emphasize that there should be absolutely no tolerance for antisemitism or any form of violence targeting Jewish students, both on college campuses and across the entire nation,” stated Mr. Biden.

The White House has emphasized that it is a small but vocal group of protesters who are accountable for any violence occurring on campuses.

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