Ban on the use of mobile phones in classrooms to commence in the upcoming academic year

Starting immediately, the use of cell phones during instructional time in Indiana classrooms will no longer be permitted. Students will be required to keep their devices out of sight and turned off during this time in order to create a more focused and productive learning environment.

Starting from Monday, July 1, Senate Bill 185, which was passed during this legislative session, will be in effect.

Indiana schools may soon have new guidelines for cell phone usage thanks to a bill proposed by lawmakers. The bill aims to establish specific criteria for using cell phones inside school buildings. If passed, the legislation would offer clear guidelines for students, teachers, and administrators to follow. This could help to create a more focused and productive learning environment, while also ensuring that students have access to their cell phones in case of emergency.

Shawnta Stockton Barnes stated that her sons are not allowed to bring their cellphones to school.

As an educator with over a decade of experience, Barnes also knows the challenges of being a parent firsthand.

Barnes believes that parents should take some responsibility in teaching their children about healthy cell phone habits.

All schools in the state of Washington will be required to have a cell phone policy in place and adhere to similar guidelines. This includes MSD Washington Township School, where Barnes’ sons are currently enrolled.

According to the bill, the use of cell phones, tablets, laptops, or gaming devices in classrooms is prohibited, except for educational purposes, medical reasons, disabilities, or emergency situations.

State Representative Julie McGuire expressed her concern about the lack of focus among students in school. She pointed out that the test scores are continuously declining, which she believes is due to various distractions that students face in their daily lives. According to her, social media has taken over the lives of young students, making it difficult for them to concentrate on their studies.

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According to Barnes, although she supports the policy, she expresses concern about the extra responsibility it places on teachers. She believes that additional measures need to be implemented to ensure that students remain engaged and attentive during classes.

According to Barnes, while the solution of drama kids not using their cell phones is helpful, it may not directly result in increased attention from students. In her opinion, there is still a need to work on improving students’ note-taking skills, enhancing their focus during class, and encouraging them to speak up and ask questions if they are struggling to understand the academic content.

Each school board is responsible for implementing the necessary rules and regulations and displaying them on the district’s website for easy access.

Lawmakers are optimistic that this measure will enhance classroom conduct and promote social skills.

McGuire suggested that students who do not have a phone in their hand during class might engage in conversations with their peers or friends in the hallway.

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