Autistic teenager from Queens who vanished for 48 hours located unharmed in Manhattan

In what seemed like a troubling story, there is now a happy update.

On Monday, a non-verbal teenager with autism went missing, as reported by CBS New York. However, the good news is that he has been reunited with his family.

On Wednesday, the 18-year-old was discovered safe, several miles away from his residence.

Throughout the day, we stayed in contact with the family, eagerly awaiting news. In the evening, Chad May’s sister called us with excitement, informing us that he had been located. Without wasting a moment, we hurried from Queens to Lower Manhattan to be by his side in the emergency room at New York-Presbyterian.

After enduring a challenging couple of days, May is finally expected to return home soon, bringing relief to her family.

An 18-year-old boy disappeared while riding his bike in front of his Laurelton residence on Monday evening. Surprisingly, he managed to reach Lower Manhattan. To everyone’s relief, his sister shared that the non-verbal teenager accidentally stumbled upon an ice cream shop on Wednesday. At first, the employees kindly served him a scoop, but soon realized something was amiss when he showed no intention of leaving.

When the police arrived at the shop, they requested him to write down his name, and his sister confirmed that he did it flawlessly. After entering his information into the system, the officers discovered that he was a teenager who had been reported missing from Queens. Consequently, he was transported to the hospital for further observation.

According to his family, he is feeling exhausted but still maintaining a healthy appetite. They noticed that he has not been eating properly. Fortunately, the doctors did not find any injuries.

“My mom and I were cautious about getting too excited, considering the unexpected turns life can take. However, I couldn’t help but share the news with her. To our delight, everyone, including the detective, expressed their happiness,” shared Shenelle Williams, her voice filled with joy.

May’s family may never uncover the truth about his experiences over the past few days due to his non-verbal condition. However, they are relieved and eager to bring him back home now that he has been found.

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