Authorities urging for stricter legislation to close down illicit smoke shops

State officials are urging for the closure of illegal smoke shops.

On Saturday, a rally was held by New York Assembly members in Pelham Bay, urging for stronger legislation to address the growing number of illegal shops in New York City.

Jenifer Rajkumar, the NY Assembly member for District 38, emphasized that illegal smoke shops in New York are notorious for being hubs of criminal activity.

According to officials, there are four hundred illicit smoke shops for every legal one in the five boroughs.

“We were optimistic that the marijuana being sold would be safe and regulated,” stated Michael Benedetto, New York Assembly member for District 82.

Mayor Eric Adams expressed his frustration with the existing law.

The advocates are now pushing for the inclusion of new legislation within the state budget, which is scheduled for a vote in less than a week.

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