Attorney General from Red state alleges that the Biden administration’s mandate is forcing medical providers to conduct gender transitions.

During an interview with Fox News Digital, Terry Schilling, the President of American Principles Project, discussed his organization’s detailed analysis of the current state of the transgender industry.

In a breaking development, Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey has filed a lawsuit against the Biden administration concerning its latest “radical mandate.” This mandate demands that healthcare providers perform transgender surgical procedures, even on children, while also compelling states to pay for them.

According to a statement obtained by Fox News Digital, Bailey has accused Joe Biden of overstepping his legal boundaries in order to impose his radical transgender agenda on the American people. The Biden Administration has allegedly threatened to withhold federal funding from healthcare providers who refuse to perform or endorse irreversible and harmful transgender procedures.

Together with the American College of Pediatricians and the attorneys general of Arkansas, Idaho, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota and Utah, Bailey is taking legal action to prevent “out-of-touch federal bureaucrats” from compelling Missouri healthcare providers to conduct experimental gender transition procedures using taxpayer funds.

Every year, more individuals who once worked at abortion clinics are joining me in leaving the industry. I personally left Planned Parenthood and now participate in the March for Life. This trend of “quitters” is growing, as more people realize the harm and devastation caused by abortion.

The latest mandate from the Biden administration necessitates that healthcare providers conduct surgical procedures for transgender individuals, including minors, and obligates states to fund them. This development was reported by Fox News Digital.

The lawsuit argues that it is not ethical to force doctors to harm children.

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The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) recently amended a regulation in Section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) that enshrines the principle of non-discrimination “on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, or disability in certain health programs and activities.” The safeguard applies to healthcare initiatives or services that are supported by federal funding.

The definition of “on the basis of sex” has been expanded in the newly finalized Section 1557 to encompass “gender identity” and “termination of pregnancy.”

According to the rule, it is important to note that a Nondiscrimination Policy’s ban on sex discrimination covers protections provided for different types of sex discrimination, including pregnancy, termination of pregnancy, related conditions, and gender identity. The parenthetical in § 92.8(b) has been amended to clarify that this provision’s reference to sex discrimination aligns with the various forms of sex discrimination explained at § 92.101(a)(2).

A group of researchers is pushing back against the widely accepted narrative that “rapid onset gender dysphoria” (ROGD) is a myth. They argue that their findings demonstrate that ROGD is a real phenomenon that warrants further investigation. Despite facing criticism from some in the medical community, the researchers believe that their work will ultimately contribute to a better understanding of gender dysphoria and improve treatment options for those who experience it.

The “on the basis of sex” definition has been expanded in the newly finalized Section 1557 to include both “gender identity” and “termination of pregnancy.” (Image credit: ALLISON DINNER/AFP via Getty Images)

According to the lawsuit, the rule poses a threat to doctors and states who refuse to comply with the mandate as they may face massive financial penalties and could be excluded from federally funded healthcare programs, including Medicare, Medicaid, and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP).

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According to the lawsuit, implementing this punishment would prevent doctors and states from providing healthcare to the most vulnerable children in low-income communities.

The American College of Pediatricians has recently stated that “gender-affirming” treatments are not beneficial for youth and can lead to irreversible consequences.

Andrew Bailey, the Attorney General for Missouri, observed the House Homeland Security Committee hearing in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday, January 10, 2024. The picture captures his presence during the event.

Bailey argues that while the new rule aims to enforce the ban on sex discrimination in ACA Section 1557, it is important to note that neither that statute nor its precursor, Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, requires gender-transition procedures.

The new rule has come under fire for violating the ACA and Administrative Procedure Act, as well as impinging on freedom of speech. Furthermore, there was no clear agreement or notice provided by either the rule or the ACA regarding the funding or provision of gender-transition treatments through federal insurance programs, which has raised concerns among states and healthcare providers.

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