Attorney Claims Vineland Man Who Committed Suicide in Prison Was Desperately Seeking Assistance

Phillip John Frascella II, aged 24, tragically took his own life on March 13 at the Northern State Prison in Newark. This heartbreaking information was confirmed by his family’s attorney, Jennifer Torsiello Cassett.

“We are currently investigating the details surrounding this tragic incident, although we have not yet obtained the prison file or surveillance footage,” Cassett stated. “What we are aware of is that Northern State Prison poses significant risks, and it is important to note that this is not the first occurrence of such negligence at this specific facility.”

On Thursday, March 21, Daily Voice reached out to the public information office at the state Department of Corrections, leaving them a message.

In 2018, Frascella, who had recently graduated from Vineland High School, was apprehended by the police. According to reports, he had forcibly entered a nearby residence while wearing a mask. Once inside, he brandished a knife and demanded information about the homeowner’s jewelry.

According to the police, Frascella was startled when the victim pushed her Life Alert button and quickly ran away. He was apprehended by the authorities the next day.

Frascella’s obituary fondly recalls him for his radiant smile, highlighting his joy in sharing laughter with his loved ones and those around him.

He possessed intelligence, ambition, loyalty, a great sense of humor, and striking good looks. People naturally gravitated towards him due to his charming personality. Phil had a knack for creativity, excelling as an artist and a skilled writer. Additionally, he had a deep passion for music, both as a listener and a creator, dedicating a significant amount of his time to its pursuit.

Cassett states that Frascella had been repeatedly denied the mental health treatment he had been desperately requesting while in prison.

According to the attorney, it is unacceptable for anyone, especially a young man in his twenties, to lose their life while under the care and supervision of our prison systems. These facilities have constant video surveillance and guards whose responsibility is to monitor the prisoners. The attorney emphasizes that this tragic incident could and should have been prevented.

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