Atlanta vigil demands justice for US Airman killed by Florida deputy

Family and friends came together in DeKalb County to honor and pay tribute to Roger Fortson, the 23-year-old U.S. Airman who tragically lost his life at the hands of a Florida deputy just last week.

Channel 2′s Audrey Washington has been extensively reporting on Fortson’s death from the very beginning.

Meka Fortson, the mother of Fortson, spoke with Channel 2 Action News on Friday, sharing her determination to seek justice for her son.

After her return to the metro Atlanta area from Florida, Meka Fortson expressed her feelings to Washington, stating that she is filled with both sadness and determination.

“He is kind, and his humanity is evident to them,” Ms. Fortson shared when describing her son to Washington.

She mentioned that she wasn’t surprised by the overwhelming response at the Friday evening vigil held in his honor.

According to Ms. Fortson, they are well aware of his affection.

In an emotional interview with Channel 2 Action News, Ms. Fortson struggled to hold back tears while discussing her beloved son, Roger, whom she described as her precious gift.

After his death, she took charge and organized a vigil in her DeKalb County neighborhood, demanding justice.

“This is my baby. It’s not just for show. I want justice for Roger Nigel Fortson,” expressed Ms. Fortson passionately.

Roger Fortson met his untimely demise on May 3rd.

In response to a disturbance call, a deputy in Okaloosa County, Florida, knocked on his apartment door.

In a chilling body camera footage obtained by Channel 2 Action News, we witness the harrowing encounter where the 23-year-old airman opens the door, only to be met with a single second of hesitation from the deputy before multiple shots are fired at Fortson.

Unfortunately, Fortson succumbed to his injuries.

During the vigil, Ms. Fortson expressed her frustration and pain following the tragic loss of her son.

“He was killed in his own home, robbed of any opportunity to defend himself. He was a person, with hopes and dreams,” she passionately expressed.

Forston can be seen in the body camera video holding a gun, which is pointed downwards towards the floor.

According to Attorney Benjamin Crump, who is representing the Fortsons, the gun was registered in the airman’s name.

According to him, the reason Mr. Fortson opened the door with a firearm was due to the loud banging.

According to Crump, the individual had received firearm training.

The case has garnered extensive media attention and is currently being investigated, as loved ones and acquaintances make arrangements to bid farewell to the Senior U.S. Airman.

According to Ben Jones, a family friend, when you come across this young man, you can immediately sense that he possesses a genuine and compassionate nature.

Ms. Fortson expressed her thoughts with a stronger conviction.

“I demand justice for my child,” she emphatically expressed to Channel 2 Action News.

The funeral service for Roger Fortson is scheduled for Friday.

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