Atlanta Unveils Rent Assistance Program to Support First Responders Residing in the City

The Atlanta City Council has taken a commendable step by passing a resolution that aims to provide rental assistance to support the first responders in staying within the city.

An Atlanta firefighter, Kiana Myers, expressed that the program has completely transformed her life.

The Community Safety Housing Program (CSHP) is designed to provide rental assistance to individuals working in the fire, corrections, and police departments.

If you reside within the city limits, you can qualify for housing assistance of up to $850 per month by completing off-duty community service hours. Remember to fulfill the eligibility criteria to receive this benefit.

Over the past five years, rental prices in the city have surged by almost 36%, based on data from Zillow.

Myers was compelled to relocate from the city she serves due to the rising prices.

Myers expressed that he had to make a decision to reside beyond the city limits. However, it did not have the same impact and did not feel like his community.

Atlanta City Councilman Amir Farokhi says that this issue is widespread and affects many cities throughout the United States.

According to Farokhi, many firefighters and police officers residing in Conyers or Kennesaw express their desire to live in the city, but the high cost of living deters them from doing so.

The legislation, crafted by Farokhi, aims to assist the city in retaining its first responders.

According to Farokhi, the streets where officers participate in the program have witnessed a decline in crime rates. Additionally, both programs have experienced enhanced recruitment and retention.

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At present, the assistance program is supporting only 50 individuals.

Farokhi is hopeful that the program’s waitlist will expand in the years to come, ultimately benefiting those who serve the city.

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