Atlanta police searching for 3 suspects involved in theft of mail and other items from multiple mailboxes

Crimestoppers is currently offering a reward to individuals who can identify a group of three suspects responsible for breaking into a community, forcefully opening mailboxes, and stealing mail.

Mail owners have expressed their concerns, stating that they are eagerly awaiting the implementation of additional safety measures.

On Wednesday, the police received a report of a burglary at the Peachtree Place of Brookhaven Condos at around 1 a.m. Officers promptly responded to the incident.

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Channel 2’s Candace McCowan reported live from the Peachtree Rd. location during WSB Tonight at 11 p.m.

The community has a security guard stationed at the front gate round the clock. However, the thieves managed to bypass the security officer at the front gate and entered through a side gate when the management discovered that the lock had been cut.

According to the security guard, the suspect’s vehicle forcefully crashed through the security gate as reported to the Atlanta police.

According to residents, the thieves targeted mailboxes rather than packages, as they were more easily accessible and vulnerable.

This is not the first occurrence.

Residents of this area have been reporting incidents of mailbox break-ins for several months.

Cameras were installed for this purpose.

The cameras this time were able to capture the faces of the three individuals identified by Atlanta Police as the culprits behind the theft of items from multiple mailboxes.

A resident expressed their frustration, stating that the new mailboxes were promised to them from the beginning.

Some people are questioning whether the installation of new mailboxes made it more convenient for thieves to strike again.

Management informed residents via email that they are currently in the process of installing improved mailboxes. However, they are currently awaiting a permit from Dekalb County before proceeding with the installation.

They are hopeful that this latest theft will expedite the process.

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