Ashanti and Nelly Confirm Engagement and Pregnancy

Ashanti has officially announced her pregnancy and engagement to Nelly. The couple, who have had a rollercoaster relationship in the past, are absolutely thrilled to be expecting their first child together.

Ashanti and Nelly’s engagement and pregnancy announcement sent shockwaves through the internet on Wednesday. In light of this exciting news, Ashanti couldn’t contain her joy and anticipation for the journey of starting a family with Nelly. She eagerly awaits the future they will create together.

Fat Joe claims credit for bringing Ashanti and Nelly back together, jokingly demanding a percentage of their child for his matchmaking skills.

“This new year of my life is truly a blessing, filled with an abundance of love, hope, and excitement,” she expressed to Essence on April 17. “I have eagerly anticipated motherhood, and being able to share this incredible journey with my family, fiancé, and devoted fans, who have shown unwavering support throughout my career, is an absolutely amazing experience.”

Fans were quick to speculate about Ashanti’s pregnancy after an incident at Nelly’s 11th Black and White Ball in St. Louis. During the star-studded event, Ashanti placed her hands on her stomach, and Nelly stood behind her, placing his hands on the same area. This gesture drove fans wild and sparked rumors of a possible pregnancy.

A source has confirmed the pregnancy to US Weekly following the speculation, but it appears that Ashanti wanted to personally share the exciting news!

Ashanti and Nelly’s relationship has generated a lot of buzz in the music industry. Their connection initially sparked dating rumors back in 2003 when they teamed up for the popular track “Foolish (Remix).” The undeniable chemistry between them immediately caught the attention of fans, who couldn’t help but speculate whether there was more to their relationship than just friendship.

People on social media are currently speculating whether Ashanti and Nelly were joking or making a baby announcement in a viral video.

Ashanti and Nelly kept their relationship mostly private, but they frequently attended events and walked red carpets together, adding to the rumors about their romance. The couple finally made their official debut as a couple at the MTV Video Music Awards in 2005, confirming what fans had already suspected.

Throughout their relationship, Ashanti and Nelly experienced various ups and downs, which often made headlines with rumors of breakups and reconciliations. Despite the hurdles they faced, the couple consistently managed to find their way back to each other, demonstrating the strength and resilience of their love.

Ashanti has made a big announcement about her relationship with Nelly. She revealed that they are not only engaged but also expecting their first child together. This news has taken their fans by surprise and has generated a lot of excitement. It seems like Ashanti and Nelly are ready to take their relationship to the next level and start a family together.

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