Arrests made at NYU as universities address pro-Palestinian protests

On Monday, several protesters were arrested by the police at New York University, as the school and authorities grapple with pro-Palestinian demonstrations.

Around 50 protesters gathered on Gould Plaza in front of NYU’s business school on Monday morning in Manhattan. NYU released a statement stating that they had not been informed of the demonstration and had not given authorization for it. However, they decided to allow it to continue because their main goal was to prevent any escalation or violence.

The school set up barriers and made it clear that they would not allow any more protesters to join.

On Monday afternoon, a group of additional protesters managed to breach the barriers, despite the university’s previous order and multiple university rules. It is believed that some of these protesters are not affiliated with the university.

“We have observed unruly, disruptive, and confrontational conduct that has compromised the safety and security of our community. This behavior has shown how rapidly a protest can escalate into chaos or result in harm to individuals,” stated John Beckman, a spokesperson for NYU.

We once informed the protesters that they had to disband within an hour, assuring them that no negative repercussions would follow.

The school sought assistance from the New York City Police Department when the individuals refused to leave.

NYPD Deputy Commission Kaz Daughtry has recently made public a redacted copy of the written request from NYU online. According to the document, the university had repeatedly asked the protesters to leave the campus, but their requests were ignored. As a result, NYU considered all individuals occupying Gould Place to be trespassers.

The officers swiftly responded to the situation and efficiently dispersed the crowd, making “numerous arrests as required,” stated Daughtry.

Daughtry emphasized that there is a concerning trend happening on college campuses all over the country, where people are deliberately trying to occupy spaces in direct opposition to school policies. He made it clear that in New York City, the NYPD is fully prepared to handle these actions, which are not only prohibited but also illegal. Whenever they receive a call, they will take immediate action to address the situation.

As universities nationwide grapple with pro-Palestinian demonstrations, the recent arrests have added to the mounting tension.

Earlier on Monday, law enforcement authorities took into custody a large number of protesters at Yale University in Connecticut. This incident comes on the heels of the arrest of over 108 protesters last Thursday at Columbia University in Manhattan.

Columbia University President, Minouche Shafik, took a proactive approach to ensure the safety of students by announcing that classes on Monday would be conducted online.

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