Arraignment of suspect who allegedly raped a teenager in Queens

The suspect who allegedly raped a 13-year-old girl at Kissena Park in Queens will face arraignment on Wednesday.

Shortly after the police released information, community members identified Christian Geovanny Inga-landi, a 25-year-old male, and reported him to the authorities, leading to his subsequent arrest.

According to Joe Kenny, Chief of Detectives for the NYPD, the suspect was being held by the community.

He was located by a group at a deli in Corona, where they physically assaulted him by punching and kicking, and held him in custody until the police arrived.

According to Kenny, the suspect, Inga-Landi, admitted to having a drug problem and stated that he had never committed such an offense before, after waiving his Miranda rights and speaking to the police.

Kenny mentioned that the arrest was made possible due to the crucial information provided by these victims.

The victim and her 13-year-old schoolmate, who were both abducted, are being credited by the police for providing a detailed description of the perpetrator and a unique tattoo. Thanks to this information, authorities were able to create an accurate sketch.

Chief of Patrol John Chell praised the bravery of the children who are now left with life-long scars, and acknowledged that the community is safer with the perpetrator off the streets.

Inga-Landi has been charged with several offenses, including rape, sex abuse, robbery, menacing, unlawful imprisonment, kidnapping, endangering the welfare of a child, and possession of a weapon.

Police Commissioner Edward Caban declared that a dangerous criminal has been removed from our communities.

The police attributed their success to traditional detective methods, such as going door-to-door in the neighborhood, distributing flyers, and rallying the community.

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According to Chell, the city declined the proposal. However, he was pleased with the community’s enthusiastic response, which is ultimately what matters most.

During a recent press conference, the NYPD officials provided an update on the rape case of a 13-year-old girl in Queens. They confirmed that a person of interest is now in custody and being questioned in connection with the incident.

Before his recent arrest in New York City, Inga-Landi had a clean record in the city. However, he did have one out-of-state arrest in June 2021 for illegally entering the United States through Eagle Pass, Texas. In terms of his interactions with law enforcement in the city, he had received three summonses and was involved in one domestic violence incident in the 107th Precinct. Although the incident did not result in an arrest, it is still a concerning matter.

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