Arizona Senate race sees Gallego amass $7.5 million in campaign funds

Democratic Representative Ruben Gallego of Arizona has amassed an impressive $7.5 million for his Senate campaign in the first quarter of 2024. This strong financial support positions him well for the anticipated general election contest against Republican candidate Kari Lake.

Democratic candidate Ruben Gallego has significantly surpassed his previous fundraising efforts, raising over $7 million in the first quarter of 2024. This impressive amount more than doubles the $3.3 million he garnered in the last three months of 2023. Gallego’s campaign currently boasts a substantial $9.6 million in cash on hand, providing a strong financial foundation as he heads into the final stretch before Election Day, which is still seven months away.

In early last month, the Arizona race took shape as Senator Kyrsten Sinema (I) made the decision not to run for re-election. This move paved the way for what is expected to be a face-off between Gallego and Lake.

The congressman’s strong fundraising skills are expected to give him an advantage in terms of media presence, unless Lake significantly increases her own fundraising total. Lake, a former TV anchor and candidate for governor, managed to raise $2.1 million in the fourth fundraising quarter of 2023. However, she may receive additional support from Republicans who had previously chosen to stay neutral while Sinema was still in the race.

According to Gallego’s team, a staggering 98 percent of the contributions to his campaign last cycle were $200 or less. This highlights the widespread support he received, with 100,000 individuals contributing to his campaign. What’s even more impressive is that 50 percent of these contributors were first-time donors to the congressman. Gallego has managed to raise over $20 million in total for this cycle, showcasing his ability to garner significant financial backing.

“In a statement, Nichole Johnson, campaign manager for Ruben Gallego, expressed gratitude towards the numerous small-dollar donors who have contributed to the campaign. Their support has enabled the campaign to establish a strong foundation for victory in the upcoming November elections. Johnson emphasized that the people of Arizona are eager to elect a Senator who will staunchly defend abortion rights, reduce financial burdens for families, and prioritize the well-being of our veterans. Ruben Gallego embodies these values and is determined to fulfill these promises.”

Gallego stands out as one of the first Senate candidates to reveal their fundraising numbers for the first quarter. We can expect full reports for the initial three months of the year to be disclosed by April 15. However, Lake has yet to disclose her fundraising figure for the first quarter.

Outside groups have the potential to assist Lake in bridging the spending gap in the race. However, it should be noted that the impact of their dollars on booking television advertising may not be as significant as that of the candidate’s.

Gallego launched his inaugural TV commercial at the beginning of last month, aiming to establish his identity with voters across the state. Meanwhile, Lake has yet to begin airing any television advertisements.

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