Are You Living in North Dakota’s Worst City? Then Stay Safe!

North Dakota is considered to be one of the safest places in the country due to its low crime rate. Although some towns within the state have higher crime rates than the national average, overall, North Dakota is a safe place to live. To determine the safety of different areas in North Dakota, the FBI uses data from the census and crime statistics such as theft, murder, assaults, arson, robberies, and other crimes per capita. Are you curious to know which areas in North Dakota are the safest? Let’s find out!

The Worst Cities In North Dakota


Williston, according to the FBI, is the most perilous location in North Dakota. It has been dubbed a “boomtown,” and individuals travel from far and wide to find employment in the hydrocarbon regions. Also, there was an increase in criminal activity when the population grew. During the most recent year for which data is available, 142 severe crime reports and nearly 600 theft reports were filed. A total of 775 property larceny counts were also accumulated. It may be the worst community in North Dakota.


Next on the list is Fargo. Being the largest city in the state, it’s not surprising that it has a higher crime rate compared to smaller towns.


Analogous to Bismarck, Mandan ranks as the third most perilous municipality in North Dakota. In 2019, the municipality, which had a population of slightly less than 23,000, was the target of 82 violent crimes, 70 aggravated assaults, and nearly 700 property robberies.


North Dakota’s most dangerous towns have been listed by the FBI, with the state capital ranking fourth on the list. The city of Mandan, which is located in the same metropolitan area as Bismarck, is third on the list, indicating that the two cities have similar crime rates. Over the past few years, the number of violent crimes has been increasing, with 223 cases being reported in 2018. However, there has been a decrease in crimes like property theft in recent times.

Devils Lake

With just over 7,000 inhabitants, Devils Lake is one of the smaller localities in North Dakota. Nonetheless, it is positioned fifth on the state’s list of the most perilous locations. The area is rife with real estate larceny and crime, which are among the worst in the state.

Grand Forks

Six communities are the most perilous in the state of North Dakota. On the ranking is the third most populous city in the Peace Garden State. The FBI recorded over 2,700 incidents of property crimes, burglaries, larceny, and auto thefts in the approximately 58,000-person city of Grand Forks over the past year.

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