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As of Thursday morning, June 27, 2024, Minnesota is facing a severe flood situation. Nearly half of the state is affected by the floods, and more than 20 river gauges across the Upper Midwest have hit the major flood stage. Unfortunately, the situation may worsen as more rain is expected. Experts predict that water levels on the Minnesota, Mississippi, and Missouri rivers will rise to their highest levels in the last ten years.

It’s been reported that Minnesota is currently experiencing severe flooding, with almost half of the state affected as of Thursday morning, June 27, 2024. Over 20 river gauges across the Upper Midwest have already reached major flood stage, and there’s no relief in sight as further rainfall is expected to hit the already affected regions.

In the coming days, experts predict that the water levels on the Minnesota, Mississippi, and Missouri rivers will soar to their highest levels in over a decade.

Saint Paul officials declared a state of emergency on Wednesday, June 26, in preparation for the anticipated significant flooding from the Mississippi River. The river is expected to rise several more feet by the weekend, prompting the urgent declaration.

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz is encouraging residents affected by the escalating property damage to keep their receipts in order to speed up the process of receiving financial aid. According to Walz, the assessment phase is currently underway, but it is difficult to determine the full extent of the damage until the water recedes.

The Blue Earth River experienced a sudden surge on June 24, resulting in the partial collapse of the Rapidan Dam. This dam has been standing for 114 years and is positioned 138 km (86 miles) southeast of Saint Paul. Unfortunately, on June 25, the river swelled even further, causing significant damage to a beautiful and iconic home that was situated nearby on an embankment.

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On June 27, 2024, CBC reported that almost half of Minnesota was facing “unprecedented” flooding, which had caused some rivers to rise to or surpass record levels.

On June 27, 2024, a well-known house situated near the partially collapsed Rapidan Dam plunged into the Blue Earth River in Minnesota, as reported by The Watchers.

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