Angelina Jolie’s Response to the Astonishing Discovery of Her Distant Connection to Beyonce

While enjoying a day out with her daughter, Angelina Jolie found herself approached by paparazzi who were curious about her family lineage. Surprisingly, it turns out that Angelina Jolie is distantly related to none other than Beyoncé. This revelation came as a surprise to Jolie, as she had never heard of this connection before. Despite being interrupted while spending time with her daughter, she was asked about her knowledge of being Beyoncé’s 9th cousin thrice removed. In response, Angelina Jolie simply shook her head and said, “I don’t know,” before walking away.

During the interview, the camera person asked Angelina Jolie if she would be open to inviting Beyonce for a family dinner. In response, Jolie nodded her head before continuing with her day. It is worth noting that Jolie’s mother, Marie Bertrand, comes from a lineage of French nobility. This lineage can be traced back to Phillip II, the son of Louis VII, in the twelfth century. This connection also links Jolie to Marie of France, a prominent French princess during that time. Interestingly, Jolie is also Queen Elizabeth II’s 26th cousin. It seems that Jolie’s lineage shares some common ground with Beyonce’s.

In a recent interview, Tina Knowles, mother of music superstar Beyonce, revealed some insightful advice that Beyonce has given to her daughter Blue Ivy on how to handle haters. Tina shared that Beyonce encourages Blue Ivy to stay strong and confident in herself, reminding her that not everyone will always have something nice to say.

Tina emphasized the importance of teaching Blue Ivy to have a positive self-image and not to let negative comments affect her. She explained that Beyonce advises her daughter to focus on her own happiness and not to pay attention to the opinions of others.

The mother and daughter duo also discuss techniques for dealing with negativity, such as ignoring comments and surrounding themselves with positive influences. Tina mentioned that Beyonce reminds Blue Ivy that she is loved and supported by her family, which helps boost her self-esteem.

Tina Knowles’ revelation about Beyonce’s advice to Blue Ivy highlights the importance of teaching children resilience and self-confidence in the face of criticism. By instilling these values, Blue Ivy is learning to navigate the challenges of fame and develop a strong sense of self-worth.

It’s quite fascinating to discover that Beyonce is actually Angelina Jolie’s distant cousin, nine times removed. Although the family tree may seem complex, this interesting connection appears to be true. Angelina Jolie doesn’t seem particularly concerned about this revelation, likely because she was caught off guard while going about her day with her daughter. Nonetheless, it’s a fun little fact that fans can delve into and find intriguing. Speaking of Angelina Jolie, she and Brad Pitt continue to navigate the challenges of their ongoing divorce.

In 2016, Jolie initiated divorce proceedings and sought sole physical custody of their children, citing allegations of physical and mental abuse by Pitt. It was also reported that Jolie had encouraged their children to distance themselves from their father due to the alleged abuse. Over the years, their children have even removed Brad’s name from their legal names and have sent provocative messages to Jolie’s former spouse.

Beyoncé and Big Freedia are facing a lawsuit over alleged copyright infringement for their song “Break My Soul.”

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