Amanda Seales Comes to Angel Reese’s Defense Following Emmanuel Acho’s “Disgusting” Remarks About Her Post-Game Interview

Amanda Seales did not mince words when discussing the criticism directed at Angel Reese following her emotional post-game interview after LSU’s defeat to Iowa in the NCAA tournament.

Angel Reese’s emotional post-game press conference made headlines as she revealed the distressing reality of receiving death threats and being objectified. She expressed her inability to find peace ever since winning a national championship last year. However, the situation took a turn when sports analyst Emmanuel Acho made controversial remarks about her, which sparked significant backlash. Acho referred to Reese as the “big bad wolf” who shouldn’t cry like “Courage the Cowardly Dog.” He went on to say that nobody sympathizes with the villain when they face defeat, emphasizing that Reese was self-proclaimed as the villain. Despite these remarks, Acho acknowledged Reese’s talent, praising her as the second-best player on the court during the game against Iowa. The comments from Acho received widespread criticism and raised important conversations about the treatment of athletes in the media.

Emmanuel Acho criticizes Angel Reese for her emotional post-game interview, stating that she cannot “act like the big bad wolf, then cry.”

Acho did not offer an apology for his comments, but he did address the criticism and expressed gratitude towards those who “respectfully reprimanded” him on social media.

“I’m not here to claim that I have all the answers and that everyone else is wrong,” he explained. “Instead, I’m here to share my beliefs and open up a space for dialogue. I’m interested in hearing what others believe and working together to build a collective understanding.”

Angel Reese, a talented basketball player, was recently selected by the Chicago Sky as the 7th overall pick in the 2024 WNBA Draft.

Angel Reese has chosen not to address the comments made about her. Instead, she has remained focused on the upcoming WNBA draft, where she was selected as the No. 7 overall pick by the Chicago Sky. Her season is scheduled to begin next month, and it will be interesting to see how she adapts to the challenges of being a professional basketball player.

Amanda Seales comes to the defense of Angel Reese following Emmanuel Acho’s “disgusting” remarks about her post-game interview. Hollywood Unlocked reports on the incident.

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