Amanda Rivera Of Staten Island Taken Into Custody

Prosecutor Esther Suarez of Hudson County said Amanda Rivera is charged with aggravated assault, reckless manslaughter, and assault by auto. This comes weeks after she crashed the 2019 Nissan passenger car she was driving into the back of a parked tractor trailer on Route 185 and Linden Avenue in Jersey City on February 3.

Stephanie Weymouth died because of this.

Rivera was arrested at the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office in Secaucus on March 4. She was taken to the Hudson County Correctional Facility until her first court date.

Weymouth was from Wilmington, Massachusetts, and was killed in a car accident in Jersey City earlier this month. She was remembered for her love of teaching and acting.

Weymouth moved to New Jersey to go to Drew University. She graduated with a degree in theater arts in 2014 and later got a master’s degree in teaching, according to her obituary. She graduated from Wilmington High School in Massachusetts in 2010.

Her death notice says that Weymouth taught at People’s Preparatory Charter School in Newark after working at the Institute of Music for Children in Elizabeth.

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