Alabama’s GOP senators oppose Biden’s plan to expand overtime pay

Alabama’s Republican senators are pushing back against President Biden’s plan to expand overtime pay. They argue that the proposal would hurt small businesses and lead to job losses. Senator Richard Shelby and Senator Tommy Tuberville have both expressed their opposition to the plan, which would require employers to pay overtime to workers making less than $35,568 per year. The senators believe that the increased labor costs would be too burdensome for businesses, especially those in rural areas. However, supporters of the plan argue that it would help to address income inequality and provide fair compensation for workers.

Republican senators in Alabama are opposing the expansion of overtime pay proposed by President Biden, according to WPMI.

The city of Mobile, Alabama has recently been in the news, as reported by WPMI.

Senators Tommy Tuberville and Katie Britt of Alabama are opposing President Biden’s plan to expand the eligibility for overtime pay.

At present, individuals who earn a salary above $35,500 are not subject to overtime regulations. However, President Biden aims to elevate this threshold to $58,600, which constitutes a 65% increase.

On Monday, Senator Tuberville expressed in a press release that the current move would negatively impact small businesses and non-profit organizations, especially during a period of high inflation.

In 2017, federal courts struck down a similar move attempted by former President Obama.

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