Alabama teachers sought after by other states

According to a recent radio advertisement, a school system in Georgia is planning to conduct a hiring fair to attract teachers from Alabama.

Several southern states are still grappling with a shortage of teachers, and our school system is no exception. As a result, there is a fierce competition among these states to attract quality candidates for teaching positions.

During a radio broadcast on Friday, a hiring fair for teachers in Georgia was advertised and caught the attention of one of WBRC’s producers.

Dr. Alan Cosby, the Superintendent of Etowah County, commented that it comes as no surprise that another state is attempting to attract teachers from Alabama.

According to Dr. Cosby, although Etowah County is not currently experiencing it, he is not surprised that there is a growing need for it.

According to him, in the past, there used to be over 50 applicants for a vacant position, but now the number has significantly decreased. He further mentioned that staffing challenges are prevalent throughout the region at present.

According to Dr. Cosby, the Etowah County school district has plans to fill around 50 positions during the upcoming summer. However, he expresses his concern regarding the advertisement.

Dr. Cosby expressed concern about the competition for talent in the field and the need to retain as many teachers as possible within the state. “It’s a highly competitive field, and other states are vying for the same talent we need. We want to ensure that we have good teachers available for everyone,” he said.

According to him, ensuring the best teachers are retained remains a top priority for Alabama, and the ongoing efforts to increase teacher salaries are an integral part of achieving this goal. Furthermore, he mentions that Etowah County will have all teaching positions filled by the beginning of the school year.

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