Alabama Retail award nomination for Attalla’s Wills Creek Clothing

Wills Creek Clothing in Attalla has been nominated for the prestigious 2024 Alabama Retailer of the Year award.

The Alabama Retail Association presents the prestigious award to owners of retail and eating and drinking establishments in cities across Alabama.

The Alabama Retail Association was established in 1943 by retailers who recognized the importance of having a voice in shaping public policy. At present, Alabama Retail proudly represents 4,300 members across the state, encompassing approximately 6,000 diverse locations. These members include a wide range of retail businesses, from small, family-owned stores to well-known national chains.

According to its website, the Alabama Retail Association has a primary goal of advocating for retailers by lobbying the Alabama Legislature and U.S. Congress. The association works at all levels of government to educate lawmakers about the specific needs of retailers and foster a favorable business environment. It closely monitors legislative activity and serves as a representative for retailers on various matters, including workers’ compensation regulation, check fees, tax reform, and business license reform.

The Alabama Retail Association holds an annual event called the Retailer of the Year awards. Every year, they recognize outstanding retailers in Alabama. In order to be eligible for the award, nominees must own or manage a retail business that has been operating in Alabama for at least five years. It is also necessary for the business to collect state and local sales taxes.

The deadline for submitting entry information to be considered for the 2024 awards is Monday, June 3. Nominees must ensure their submissions are completed by this date.

Wills Creek Clothing, located in Downtown Attalla, is the sole nominee for Etowah County. This women’s clothing boutique prides itself on offering the best fashion at affordable prices, as stated on their website.

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