Alabama Power teams dispatched to Texas for power restoration assistance

Alabama Power is dispatching a team of 350 workers to Houston in order to assist with the restoration of power after tropical storm Beryl hit the area, causing significant damage.

On Tuesday morning, a team of 50 crew members from Alabama Power departed from Tuscaloosa to tackle a challenging task. According to Logan Eads, the engineering supervisor at Alabama Power, the job may be tough, but it’s worth it to assist as many people as possible.

Eads expressed that aiding people gives a sense of fulfillment, especially within their community where natural disasters like storms and tornadoes are common. It is greatly appreciated when outsiders come to provide assistance during such times. Being able to lend a hand to those in need holds a significant value for them.

According to Eads, the aim is to bring back electricity to a minimum of 2 million inhabitants who are currently without power. The crews from Tuscaloosa are preparing to deploy bucket trucks and pole setting trucks, and will work for 16 hours a day to ensure efficient restoration of power.

Eads said that they work for 16 hours straight to ensure that they can work as long as possible while still providing their workers with eight hours of rest. He explained that they don’t limit their workday to just eight hours because restoring power is a crucial task. They work tirelessly until the job is completed, even if it means working under the sun.

According to Eads, the crews from Alabama Power have been assigned to work in Texas for a duration of 14 days.

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