Alabama law enforcement provides insights for Memorial Day weekend during ride-along experience

CBS 42 State Capitol Reporter Ryan Hall spent Thursday accompanying Alabama state troopers in Montgomery, Alabama.

During the discussion, they expressed their top priorities regarding the safety of Alabamians during the upcoming holiday weekend.

During his ride-along with Sgt. Jeremy Burkett of the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency, Hall witnessed two traffic stops, one of which was for a failure to yield right of way. Hall emphasizes the importance of maintaining focus while driving.

According to Burkett, the presence of distractions such as a cheeseburger, a drink, kids talking, and phones ringing can all contribute to a significant loss of focus while driving.

I was pulled over for not wearing a seatbelt during another traffic stop.

According to Burkett, it is essential to prioritize your own safety in the event of a vehicle-related incident. Whether it’s a traffic crash or a vehicle veering off the road, you won’t be able to assist anyone else unless you take measures to protect yourself first.

Being on a boat or in the water requires focus and attentiveness.

Cpl. Marshall Westbrook of the ALEA emphasizes the potential dangers of sitting above the gunnel on a boat. He warns that being in that position poses a risk of falling into the water or getting injured by the propeller. To ensure safety, it is advisable to avoid sitting in such areas.

Cpl. Steven McLeroy of the ALEA emphasized the importance of ensuring that your red/green light is visible for up to one mile and your white light is visible for up to two miles. He advised double-checking all three lights before heading out at night, as these are significant concerns for law enforcement.

According to Burkett, impaired driving remains a significant concern on the roads. In light of this, McLeroy emphasizes the importance of not hesitating to call 911 for help if any issues arise this weekend.

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