Air quality alerts issued in four US states due to Canadian wildfire smoke

Recently, there have been devastating wildfires in British Columbia, Canada, resulting in the displacement of numerous individuals from their homes.

The fire is currently burning just 2km (1.2 miles) north-west of Fort Nelson, a town that has witnessed the evacuation of approximately 4,000 residents for their safety, according to an official report released on Monday.

The wildfire, which has spiraled out of control, has also had an impact on the United States. An air quality alert has been issued for four states in America, warning of potential risks to people’s health and safety.

Alerts were active in Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Minnesota due to a “band of very heavy smoke from wildfires in northeast British Columbia.”

Experts are advising people in affected areas to remain prepared for the worst, although the situation is expected to improve throughout the day on Tuesday.

Exposure to this type of particulate pollution can have severe health consequences, as highlighted by NBC News. It has the potential to cause various health issues, including an increased risk of asthma and lung cancer, which can lead to serious illnesses.

Just days ago, a town in the southern region of Texas made headlines for reportedly experiencing the hottest May temperature ever recorded in the state’s history. This scorching and potentially hazardous temperature has been described as “mind-blowing” and “dangerous.”

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