After man’s car falls into an Oregon ravine, his dog runs 4 miles to seek help

Oregon authorities are praising a dog as a hero for his exceptional act of bravery. The dog ran four miles to alert camp members after a fellow camper’s vehicle fell into a ravine.

The Baker County Sheriff’s Office shared a news release on Facebook stating that on June 2nd, Brandon Garrett was driving north on U.S. Forest Service Road with his four dogs. Unfortunately, he failed to navigate a curve, causing his vehicle to tumble off an embankment and land in shallow water.

According to deputies, Garrett managed to crawl about 100 yards from his car and spent the night there.

As per the statement given by the sheriff’s office, one of his dogs covered a distance of four miles to reach Garrett’s camp and then alerted his family members.

According to a report by People, Garrett was located by his relatives on June 3 after they began searching for him. However, the difficult and rocky terrain made it impossible for them to access the vehicle.

The magazine reported that family members immediately called for help at approximately 9:30 a.m. PDT upon discovering that Garrett and the other three dogs were still alive.

The sheriff’s office reported that Sheriff Travis Ash promptly arrived at the scene and found Garrett in a steep and brushy ravine, where he had called for assistance. Ash immediately provided first aid, while Pine Valley Rural Fire volunteers and workers from the U.S. Forest Service utilized chainsaws to clear the way for the rescue operation.

The Baker County Search and Rescue Ropes Team efficiently loaded Garrett into a secure rescue basket, as confirmed by the sheriff’s office. After being properly connected to a highline rope system, Garrett was safely pulled across the challenging ravine.

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