After an internal investigation, Georgia police department fires chief and suspends officers

After conducting a thorough investigation throughout the department, the police chief was terminated and all officers within the force were suspended.

Meriwether County’s Warm Springs city officials have made a recent announcement regarding the termination of Chief of Police Emilio Quintana and the suspension of all officers. The decision was made on Wednesday.

According to officials from Warm Springs, the recently appointed Interim Chief, Aisha Al-Khalifa, is the only exception to the rule.

Following recent events and growing concerns surrounding the department’s alleged conduct and operations, a decision has been made to take action.

Warm Springs Mayor Robyn Pynenburg has emphasized their community’s safety and welfare as their top priority. They expressed their deep concern and commitment towards investigating any issues within their police department. The mayor has urged the community to remain patient and supportive as they work towards transparency and justice.

According to city officials, the purpose of the investigation is to uphold the integrity and accountability of law enforcement officers and to rebuild the public’s trust in the Warm Springs Police Department.

Currently, Al-Khalifa will be responsible for supervising the operations of the department, with the assistance of nearby law enforcement agencies, to guarantee that police services are not disrupted.

Warm Springs city officials have stated their commitment to conducting a comprehensive and equitable investigation, assuring the public that they will be kept informed of any significant developments. They acknowledge the impact of this decision on the community and have pledged to prioritize public safety and trust throughout the process.

The number of employees who were suspended has not been disclosed by Warm Springs officials.

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