According to officials, a man has been arrested for suspected terrorism conspiracy after an explosion near Paris.

On Wednesday, officials declared that a suspected Russian-Ukrainian national, who is believed to have been involved in a terrorist plot, was detained after being injured in an explosion that took place in France earlier this week.

According to a statement from the French National Anti-Terrorist Prosecutor’s Office (PNAT), firefighters rescued a 26-year-old man who suffered severe burns due to an explosion that occurred in a hotel near Paris.

According to the statement, he was apprehended on the evening of Monday.

PNAT reported that upon initial investigation at the scene, they discovered materials and products that were intended for the production of explosive devices. It was also revealed that one of these devices had detonated.

U.S. officials who were briefed on the incident have stated that the man is currently under suspicion for his alleged participation in a terrorist conspiracy and bomb plot.

An investigation has been launched by PNAT for suspected involvement in a terrorist conspiracy.

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