According to fire department, 6 people hospitalized due to heat at Trump Las Vegas rally

Before the rally at Sunset Park in Las Vegas, the Trump campaign emphasized their commitment to implementing “comfort measures” that prioritize the safety of rally attendees. These measures aim to address the long wait times that attendees usually endure before getting into Trump rallies and waiting for the president to take stage. The campaign’s efforts include providing water bottles, allowing small umbrellas, setting up tents and misting stations, and deploying an “ample” medical staff to respond to any emergencies.

During Sunday’s rally in Las Vegas, Trump had planned to concentrate on winning over Latino voters, highlighting his campaign’s stance on border security and undocumented immigrants. However, due to technical difficulties with his teleprompter, the former president found it challenging to stay on a specific topic.

Trump faced challenges with the teleprompter and adverse weather conditions, but he persevered and unveiled his proposal to eliminate taxes on tips. This move is aimed at winning over voters in a city that heavily depends on the hospitality sector.

“Hotel workers and other professionals who rely on tips for their income will be pleased to know that I intend to eliminate taxes on tips. This policy may not be popular with everyone, but it is a necessary step to support these hardworking individuals,” stated Trump.

Trump stated that taking care of people is an essential aspect of service, and he believes that it deserves immediate attention. He acknowledged the importance of doing what is right for the country, even if it may be unpopular. “I do some unpopular things too, if it’s right for the country. I do what’s right,” Trump emphasized.

Trump targeted Hispanic voters by criticizing Biden’s immigration policies and the economy under the current administration. He labeled Biden’s recent executive order on immigration as “pro invasion, pro child trafficking, pro woman trafficking, pro human trafficking, and pro drug dealers.”

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