A woman in California wins $1M lottery prize after making a stop for an energy drink

On June 10, a woman from California made a quick stop at a convenience store she had been frequenting her whole life to purchase an energy drink. Little did she know that this routine stop would result in her winning a whopping $1 million lottery prize.

Alexandria Rodriguez, a resident of Whittier, shared with officials from the California Lottery that she recently made a pit stop at Helen’s Market on Santa Fe Springs. This store holds a special place in her heart as she has been visiting it since she was a child, riding her bike to the shop. On this particular occasion, Alexandria had stopped by to purchase an energy drink.

Rodriguez made a decision to purchase an Xtreme Multiplier scratch-off ticket while inside the store.

Rodriguez explained that the design of the item caught her attention, stating that the colors and overall look were quite appealing to her. She mentioned that she ended up choosing her lucky number, which was an interesting coincidence.

The fortunate number 22 on the ticket ended up being the winner of a grand prize worth $1 million.

Rodriguez proudly declared that his number is 22, the same as the day he was born. He expressed his excitement over the one million dollars he received, which would be beneficial for various aspects of his life. The young man looked forward to the positive impact this amount would bring.

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