A Volcano Eruption Leads to an Astonishing Lightning Storm

Volcan de Fuego’s recent eruption has captured the attention of the world.

The Guatemalan volcano stands as one of the most active in the world, regularly emitting small explosions of gas and lava every 15 to 20 minutes. While dangerous eruptions are less common, its consistent activity has made it a popular destination among travelers.

Last week, Volcan de Fuego was having a typical day, and dozens of tourists stood nearby, eagerly watching for any signs of volcanic activity. They were in for a remarkable surprise when they had the chance to witness a volcanic eruption that gave rise to a stunning lightning storm. The spectacle unfolded before their eyes, showcasing a mesmerizing blend of lights and billowing smoke.

A woman captured the mesmerizing scene on video and shared it on Instagram, causing it to quickly become an internet sensation.

The volcano erupts with a mesmerizing display of lava and ash, as lightning brilliantly connects with the erupting volcano, illuminating the sky with magnificent streaks of light. The stunning spectacle captivates viewers as the bolts of lightning seemingly stretch on indefinitely.

It’s Common For Volcanos To Create Lightning Storms

“The eruption of the volcano releases a substantial amount of ash particles into the atmosphere, which become electrostatically charged and interact with each other,” he explained. “This phenomenon is quite common in volcanic plumes, and it is within these clouds that we witness the most intense lightning storms on Earth.”

Volcanic lightning, as seen in the viral video, doesn’t rely on ice particles in clouds like thunderstorm lightning does. The volcano itself generates enough charge to fuel the electrical activity. However, if there are ice crystals present in the atmosphere, it can enhance the electricity and result in an even more captivating display.

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