A Texan individual legally changes their name to ‘Literally Anybody Else’ and announces candidacy for president


    • Some voters may not be too jazzed about a Biden-Trump rematch.
    • A US Army veteran turned math teacher in Texas is one such person, and he’s doing something about it.
    • The 35-year-old has changed his name to “Literally Anybody Else,” and is running for president.

A Texas man expresses his belief that someone other than the current Democratic and GOP frontrunners should be president.

And he’s seizing control of the situation by embarking on an unlikely campaign to make a statement – by legally changing his name to “Literally Anybody Else.”

According to Else’s campaign website, America shouldn’t be limited to just two options: the self-proclaimed ‘King of Debt’ and an 81-year-old. Else firmly believes that “Literally Anybody Else” is not just a person, but a call to action. This statement alludes to former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden, highlighting the need for alternative choices in leadership.

In an interview published on March 22, Else, 35, expressed to Texan news outlet WFAA that his campaign had a different purpose. He stated that it was not solely focused on sending him to the White House.

As a seventh-grade math teacher and US Army veteran, he aimed to provide voters with an opportunity to voice their discontent with the candidacies of both Trump and Biden.

“According to Dustin Ebey, who now goes by the name Else, individuals are casting their votes for the lesser of two evils rather than choosing a candidate they genuinely believe in or support,” shared Else in an interview with WFAA.

“I don’t believe in settling for the lesser of two evils when it comes to voting. It’s important for people to have the opportunity to vote for someone who truly reflects and represents them,” he expressed.

According to WFAA, they verified the man’s name change by checking Tarrant County court records.

Any other person on the planet

However, the likelihood of Else’s name making it onto the ballots in Texas this November is minimal. He must submit a petition containing 113,151 signatures from registered voters in Texas who did not participate in the GOP and Democratic presidential primaries earlier this month.

Else faces an even greater challenge when you consider the signature requirements in other US states. These requirements can range from as low as 800 signatures in New Jersey to as high as 219,403 signatures in California.

Else expressed his hope that voters would opt to write in his name instead.

According to him, it is important to write that name in because the ballot does not provide a ‘neither’ option, and this serves as a suitable alternative. He mentioned this in an interview with WFAA.

Not everyone is thrilled about the upcoming rematch between Biden and Trump, and Else is no exception. In fact, a poll conducted by Reuters/Ipsos in January revealed that both candidates are unpopular among voters.

The poll revealed that 70% of the respondents believed that Biden should not pursue reelection, while 56% expressed the opinion that Trump did not merit another term.

“I’m aware that this will be a challenging task, but it’s certainly not impossible,” Else expressed to WFAA. “My aspiration is to see Donald Trump and Joe Biden followed by Literally Anybody Else.”

“I’m really hoping for a platform that caters to individuals like myself, who are simply tired of this ongoing battle for power between two political parties that ultimately does not benefit the average person,” he expressed.

Business Insider reached out to Else for comment but has yet to receive a response.

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