A Selfless Preschool Teacher Donates Liver to a 5-Year-Old with End-Stage Liver Disease

Carissa Fisher, a preschool teacher, is about to make a selfless act of kindness to save the life of her former young student, Ezra Toczek. The five-year-old has been waiting for a liver transplant due to end-stage liver disease. While his family was hoping to find a matching donor, they were stunned to learn that the donor was someone they already knew – Carissa Fisher. Her incredible news left Ezra’s parents amazed and grateful.

People magazine reported that Ezra has been waiting for a transplant since February. When his preschool teacher learned of his situation, she was determined to donate part of her liver. Although she was uncertain if she would be approved, she didn’t inform the Toczek family until she was certain that everything would fall into place.

Finally, Ezra’s teacher got some good news.

At the end of May, Carissa finally received approval to become a living donor for Ezra. Instead of simply informing him and his family, she wanted to make the moment even more memorable. With balloons in hand and a massive sign declaring her intention to donate her liver, the teacher made a grand entrance at their home.

The message that popped up on Ezra’s phone caught him off guard. “Hey Ezra! Would you like to share my liver?” he read with confusion.

Of course, the answer was a resounding yes! The moment was so beautiful that Ezra’s mother, Karen, couldn’t help but share a heartwarming video of it on Facebook.

In her caption, Mom expressed that she was unable to comprehend what she was reading until Miss Carissa spoke it out loud. She went on to say that Miss Carissa was the perfect match and that she couldn’t put into words how grateful she was. Mom admitted that tears kept flowing and although she anticipated feeling relieved upon receiving the news, she had no idea of the overwhelming emotional impact it would have on her.

According to a report by WKBW, Ezra has been struggling with health issues stemming from liver damage since birth. However, the situation became dire when his family discovered that his organ was failing. Fortunately, his teacher came to the rescue with a selfless act of kindness by offering to donate a portion of her liver. Carissa, the generous donor, was deeply touched by the reactions of both the mother and son upon hearing the news.

The preschool teacher expressed, “You never know whose life you could be transforming.” She found the experience to be emotional and was overjoyed to witness the happiness of both individuals involved.

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