A Parrot Asks for Its Favorite Song to Join in Singing and Dancing

Auggie the parrot has a beloved song that she loves to dance to and frequently requests. In fact, she even created her own dance moves to accompany it.

At The Green Bird Brigade, Auggie resides with the owner who runs the parrot rescue while simultaneously providing education to bird owners. Auggie and the seven other feathered residents are the primary focus of the rescue’s social media accounts.

Auggie has gained quite a bit of notoriety lately due to her passion for a tune known as “Bacon Pancakes,” which was originally featured in the show “Adventure Time.” The song’s melody is straightforward yet infectious, and we advise you to proceed with caution as it will most definitely become stuck in your head. Nevertheless, it is a delightful tune that can be enjoyed on repeat.

The great song is a favorite of the parrot, who urges her owner to sing it repeatedly. Auggie happily obliges and even dances a bit while they perform it together. One performance of their rendition of “Bacon Pancake” has become an internet sensation, with 31 million views and counting. We admit we’re among the many who can’t resist watching their adorable duet over and over again.

Parrot Dances With “Happy Feet”

The video shows Auggie, a four-year-old bird, perched on her owner’s shoulders. She fluffs her blue and white feathers before sweetly asking, “Bacon Pancakes?” Her owner responds by singing the lyrics, “Bacon pancakes, makin’ bacon pancakes,” and Auggie sways back and forth in a delightful dance.

In a delightful video, a parrot is seen dancing along to the tune of “Bacon Pancakes” on various occasions. The bird’s happy feet start tapping as soon as its owner begins to sing the catchy tune. A montage of the parrot’s dance performances on different days is captured in the video, showcasing the bird’s love for grooving to the rhythm of the music.

One of the videos received a comment from a follower who exclaimed, “Omg the tippy tappies!” with excitement.

One of Auggie’s enthusiastic followers expressed, “When she hears the bacon pancakes song, she gets incredibly fluffy!”

“I just spent the last 20 minutes driving down the road belting out the lyrics to “bacon pancakes, makin’ bacon pancakes” and honestly, I’m totally fine with it,” confessed an individual.

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