A man providing food to homeless individuals gets shot

In Kentucky, a man and his wife were shot while they were distributing food to homeless people. The incident took place in Louisville, according to WAVE/Gray News.

Since 2020, Ramona Mattingly and her husband Joe have been dedicated to providing food to front-line workers and those who are in need.

After being discharged from the hospital on Saturday, Ramona Mattingly, who is living with terminal cancer, was picked up by her husband. However, they received a call that they couldn’t overlook.

According to her, a call was received regarding a woman and a 6-year-old girl who had been evicted and had not eaten. They were located in the area of Norene.

“He fell to the ground with a loud thud,” she recounted. “I quickly instructed someone to tie his leg with a tie strap because the blood flow was heavy, and I suspected it was an artery. Bam. Bam. It was a chaotic scene.”

On Sunday, Joe Mattingly underwent surgery to treat the gunshot wound in his right leg.

Ramona Mattingly is concerned that her husband may never regain the ability to walk due to doctors’ diagnosis of a shattered bone.

According to Ramona Mattingly, the shooting incident was not a random act of violence. She asserted that the perpetrator, who shot her husband, had accused him of hitting his car just a few days before the incident took place.

According to the wife of the victim, her husband visited the hospital just before the incident to show the delivery driver that they were not responsible for any damage to his vehicle. She mentioned that the driver had walked around their truck while delivering food and it was unclear why he left in the middle of the delivery. She firmly stated that there was no collision between the two vehicles, and the surveillance cameras would confirm that. She further added that even if they had hit the driver’s vehicle, it did not give him the right to shoot her husband.

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As of now, the police have not made any arrests regarding the case, and it remains unclear if there are any suspects that they have identified.

Joe Mattingly is currently waiting for surgery on his leg and facing the harsh reality that he may never be able to walk again.

Ramona Mattingly expressed disbelief upon hearing that a 6-foot-4 man in a wheelchair was shot twice, resulting in shattered bones. Despite her inability to physically see the man, she was deeply disturbed by the news.

In expressing her concerns, she mentioned that their efforts to assist individuals who are homeless need to be halted as she believes it poses a significant risk.

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