A 12-year-old child is one of seven juveniles shot outside a downtown Indianapolis mall

Seven juveniles, including a 12-year-old, sustained injuries when gunshots rang out in the vicinity of a downtown Indianapolis mall late Saturday night, according to authorities. This incident marks the third consecutive weekend in which city police have had to address a mass shooting.

Despite having over 25 officers patrolling downtown Indianapolis to control roving bands of juveniles during the evening hours, violence still broke out, as reported by Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department Chief Chris Bailey.

During a news conference early Sunday, Bailey expressed his belief that there was a disturbance that took place before the incident, leading someone or a group of individuals to resort to gun violence as a means of resolving the issue. He emphasized that using a gun to solve problems is never the appropriate solution.

The shooting took place around 11:36 p.m. local time in the Mile Square entertainment district of Indianapolis, specifically outside the Circle Centre Mall at the intersection of West Maryland and South Illinois streets. This area is just a few blocks away from the Indiana State Capitol building. The police provided this information regarding the incident.

Deputy Chief Tanya Terry, head of IMPD operations, reported that officers on patrol in Mile Square responded swiftly to the sound of gunshots. They arrived at the scene to discover six young victims who had sustained gunshot wounds.

According to Terry, a seventh juvenile victim arrived at a hospital seeking treatment for a bullet wound.

One of the victims was initially in critical condition and was rushed to the hospital. However, their condition has since improved and they are now stable. The remaining victims sustained non-life-threatening injuries and are also in stable condition.

According to Terry, the age range of the victims is between 12 and 17.

As of Sunday afternoon, authorities have not identified any suspects or made any arrests.

If you witnessed the shooting, please reach out to the police department’s Aggravated Assault Unit. The investigators are currently reviewing security footage in order to identify the individuals involved in the incident.

According to Terry, investigators believe that there were multiple firearms involved based on the evidence collected at the scene.

Terry expressed deep concern over the alarming number of young people who have fallen victim to gun violence tonight. He emphasized the troubling pattern of young individuals resorting to firearms to settle conflicts.

The IMPD announced that they had deployed more police officers to the Mile Square area in an effort to manage the presence of large groups of juveniles in downtown. This measure was taken prior to the shooting incident that occurred on Saturday night.

According to Terry, the officers can only monitor the crowds and try to disperse them, as long as no crime has been committed.

Terry had a message for the parents of the victims, emphasizing the importance of knowing their children’s whereabouts. She highlighted the common message that plays on TV in the evenings at 10 o’clock: “Parents, do you know where your children are?”

Terry emphasized the importance of parents being actively engaged in their children’s activities, particularly during late hours like 11:30 at night. Speaking about the incident that occurred on the evening before Easter, Terry urged parents to prioritize knowing the whereabouts of their 12-year-olds.

Chief Bailey reiterated Terry’s statement.

Mayor Bailey expressed his deep disappointment regarding the recurring issue of mass violence in their city, emphasizing the need for collective introspection. He urged everyone to reflect on what additional measures can be taken to prevent such incidents. Furthermore, he emphasized the significance of addressing the issue at its root, starting with individual responsibility within each household.

Last week, a tragic incident occurred in Indianapolis when a shooting took place outside a bar, resulting in the loss of one life and injuries to five others, including a police officer. The incident unfolded in the early morning hours. Interestingly, the two uniformed police officers who were working as security personnel at the bar courageously confronted the suspect, leading to a gunfight. Unfortunately, the suspect was killed during the exchange of gunfire. However, one of the officers involved in the gunfight sustained a gunshot wound to the leg and also suffered a shoulder injury when he fell.

On March 16, a tragic incident unfolded in the Broad Ripple neighborhood, where a bar shooting resulted in the loss of one life and left six other patrons injured. The police swiftly apprehended a 25-year-old suspect, who has since been charged with murder. This devastating event serves as a grim reminder of the violence that can occur in unexpected places.

On February 19th, a tragic incident occurred at a Waffle House restaurant in the western part of downtown Indianapolis. A 35-year-old woman lost her life due to a fatal gunshot, while four others sustained injuries during the incident. According to the police, the shooting took place as a result of an argument between two groups of customers. As of now, no arrests have been made in connection with the incident.

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