81-year-old allegedly thrown down mall escalator by accused man

In January, authorities reported that a man from Texas allegedly threw an 81-year-old man down an escalator at a mall in San Antonio.

Daymein Garcia, 31, was apprehended on Monday in Travis County, as stated in a Facebook post by the San Antonio Police Department. Police have charged him with inflicting serious bodily harm on an elderly individual.

According to KENS-TV, the incident took place on January 27 in the dressing room of a Dillard’s department store located in San Antonio’s North Star Mall.

Detective Rodney Franklin from the San Antonio police department informed KSAT that an 81-year-old man unintentionally opened a dressing room door while trying on a sweater, unaware that a woman was inside. Upon realizing his mistake, the man promptly closed the door, as shared by Franklin during his interview with the television station.

According to Franklin, during an interview with KSAT on February 15th, there was an incident where people were yelling that it was a female changing room. In response, he shouted back, stating that it was actually a handicapped-changing room.

According to KENS, the woman in the dressing room quickly located her mother and informed her about the incident that had just taken place. It wasn’t until a few minutes later that the incident on the elevator occurred.

According to the San Antonio Express-News, a video from Dillard’s security camera captures the moment an 81-year-old man walks onto the escalator. The footage shows an unidentified individual grabbing him from behind and pulling him backwards.

As the escalator continues its upward motion, the man falls and is dragged upward on his stomach.

According to the newspaper, the victim sustained lacerations to his head, a fractured finger, and bruising on his ribs and legs.

After analyzing the surveillance footage, the police were able to locate Garcia and apprehend him.

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