72-Year-Old Man Killed and Wife Injured in Stabbing at Nebraska’s I-80 Rest Stop

On Wednesday morning, an attempted robbery at an I-80 rest stop just south of Grand Island, Neb., resulted in a man losing his life and a woman sustaining serious injuries from a knife attack, according to law enforcement officials.

Upon arriving at the location, Hall County Sheriff’s deputies discovered that a man and a woman from Eureka, Missouri, both in their 70s, had sustained stab wounds.

After sustaining injuries, the elderly man, who was 72 years old, was taken to Grand Island Regional Hospital. Unfortunately, he passed away due to his injuries. On the other hand, the 71-year-old woman is currently in critical condition and receiving medical attention at the same hospital.

Following a high-speed chase, Nebraska State troopers apprehended James Thompson Jr., a 22-year-old suspect from Elyria, Ohio.

According to authorities, the vehicle was chased by troopers off I-80 and onto Highway 11. However, the vehicle ultimately veered off the road and plunged into the Platte River.

According to current investigations by the police, the stabbings were caused by an attempted robbery.

The Nebraska State Patrol released a statement on X, commending the swift action taken by Troopers and Hall County Deputies in locating and apprehending the suspect. The statement also expressed sympathy towards the two victims and their family during this difficult time.

This morning’s active investigation in central Nebraska has been characterized by swift and efficient teamwork between Troopers and Hall County Deputies, resulting in the prompt capture of the suspect. The initial details of the incident are available.

At mile marker 316.5, a rest area was the location of the incident.

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The Hall County Sheriff’s Office has ordered an autopsy.

The investigation is still ongoing and being pursued by various law enforcement agencies.

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