4-story apartment complex in Miami catches fire while man is found shot

On Monday, a four-story apartment complex near downtown Miami was destroyed by a three-alarm fire, marking the first such incident in 25 years. To make matters worse, a man was found shot on the premises. Fortunately, the authorities have apprehended a suspect in connection with the incident.

At approximately 8:15 a.m., law enforcement was summoned to the Temple Court Apartments complex. An employee of the complex was shot and transported to Jackson Memorial Hospital in critical condition.

According to a Miami Fire Rescue official, four individuals needed medical assistance as a result of the incident. Of the four, three firefighters were hospitalized and one resident was treated for smoke inhalation. Fortunately, two of the hospitalized firefighters were later released from the hospital.

The fire incident resulted in the successful rescue of over 40 elderly residents.

Miami Fire Rescue is currently battling a multi-unit fire at 431 NW 3rd Street. Residents who have respiratory illnesses are advised to stay indoors for their safety. The Red Cross is working alongside the residents to provide assistance with their needs during this difficult time. The Miami Fire Rescue team urges everyone to stay safe and take necessary precautions. The incident was reported on June 10, 2024 via Twitter.

According to Mayor Francis Suarez, all residents have been accounted for and there have been no reported fatalities.

According to Suarez, multiple calls were received regarding a fire at the specified location, and the situation was rapidly intensifying.

When a three-alarm fire breaks out, it requires the response of three different fire stations to combat the flames.

According to a report by WTVJ-TV, Miami Mayor Suarez stated that the city hasn’t witnessed a level 3 fire in the past 25 years, which demands the assistance of 40 units from the fire department.

According to WFOR-TV, the police stated that it is still too early to determine if the shooting is related to the fire.

According to Suarez, the authorities took in the suspect, whose identity has not been disclosed, at 6 p.m. The suspect is believed to have shot one of the employees at Temple Court apartments and deliberately started the fire.

According to The Miami Herald, the perpetrator was identified as a male individual.

The fire engulfed two buildings and caused damage to a total of 61 units. According to reports, 43 individuals were registered as residents of the affected units.

According to the Miami police, they have confirmed that all the individuals who were in the building have been identified and there have been no reported fatalities.

Residents of the building reported hearing explosions.

The fire was intensified by the wooden infrastructure.

According to WFOR, Miami Fire Rescue Captain Ignatius Carroll stated that the safety of the people involved is their top priority as they face the challenge of compromised floors and limited visibility. “The challenging part is you can’t see anything but also you start to have compromising of the floors. We understand that probably the third-floor area was collapsing as a result, so safety is our number one priority,” he said.

According to the Atlantic Housing Foundation, the individual who was shot was an employee of the complex they manage.

The foundation stated that they are currently investigating the cause of the incidents and checking for any additional injuries. The police are conducting an investigation, and the foundation has offered to assist in any way possible. To aid the displaced residents, the Red Cross has provided drinks and snacks. The foundation is also working to provide meals and accommodations for those impacted by the events. As more information becomes available, updates will be provided.

According to Biotte’s family members who spoke to WTVJ, the maintenance technician at the building was identified as Feder Biotte, aged 30.

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