4 Individuals Caught Red-Handed Stealing Furniture From Harlem Building

Mocobizscene-Police in New York are currently on the lookout for four individuals who entered a residential building in Harlem and made off with furniture from the lobby.

Ashlee, the tenant, stood in the lobby of her building, her disbelief growing as she noticed the absence of the furniture that used to adorn the space.

She mentioned that a group of men entered the building and removed all the furniture.

Surveillance cameras captured the entire incident when four men entered the Robeson building on Lenox Avenue around 2:30 am on Thursday. The footage shows that they had a clear objective as one of them picked up a chair from the lobby and followed another individual out of the building. Simultaneously, the remaining two men lifted a couch and walked out with it as well.

Marilyn Harper, a tenant, was left in shock as she witnessed the men nonchalantly transporting the items outside and across the street.

“It’s not right,” she exclaimed, expressing her concern about the need for 24-hour security in the beautiful building.

The authorities are puzzled as to how the perpetrators gained access to the building without any signs of forced entry since a key code is necessary for entry.

According to Ashlee, it seems that someone within our building has leaked the access code, turning it into a free-for-all for anyone who wants to enter. It’s like open season for thieves to take whatever they please.

Tenants have reported incidents of stolen packages from the mailroom and have expressed their concerns about the inconsistency of the security guard’s presence in the lobby.

Despite our best efforts, the building super on site declined to provide any answers when we approached him for an interview. Now, individuals are taking matters into their own hands.

Ashlee mentioned that her family owns a Ring camera, which allows them to have a clear view of everything happening in front of their door. Families will go to great lengths to protect their loved ones, no matter what it takes.

Ashlee, a lifelong resident of Harlem, expressed her disappointment and concern about the lack of security in her supposedly safe new building. Having been born and raised in Harlem, she felt disheartened by the fact that even in a new building, she didn’t feel safe.

We reached out to the management company, but we are still awaiting a response.

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