24-year-old man bitten by 7-foot shark after falling into water in the Bahamas

While Marlin Wakeman was working on a boat docked in the Bahamas a couple of weeks ago, he had a harrowing experience. As he was jumping onto the vessel, it unexpectedly surged in the water, causing him to lose his footing and slip off the boat, falling into the marina.

Wakeman said he knew what was coming.

Within seconds, the 24-year-old Floridian managed to hoist himself back onto the boat, although not without enduring a bite from a Caribbean reef shark on his leg.

Wakeman explained that the boat was docked at the Flying Fish Marina in Long Island, a location known for attracting sharks due to the frequent disposal of fish carcasses by fishermen.

During a press briefing at St. Mary’s Medical Center in West Palm Beach, Florida, where he was treated for his shark bite, Wakeman expressed his fear of the situation. “There are always 20 sharks roaming around,” he told reporters. He further explained that he and his friends had discussed the potential danger of falling into the water, stating, “If you fell in here, you are done.”

According to the individual involved, the shark dragged him beneath the water but eventually released its grip on his leg. Fortunately, he managed to hoist himself onto the boat before another shark could attack him.

“I was filled with an incredible rush of adrenaline,” he exclaimed.

After emerging from the water, Wakeman’s boat captain swiftly applied a tourniquet to his leg. As the rush of adrenaline subsided, he began to experience intense pain.

He shared with his captain, “I told him, ‘Hey man, I really don’t want to die at this moment. This situation is not what I expected.'”

After sustaining the injury, he promptly sought medical attention at a nearby clinic for immediate treatment. The skilled medical professionals at the clinic promptly stitched up the wound to halt the bleeding. Following this initial “damage control” procedure, he was then transported to St. Mary’s Medical Center, where he underwent surgery under the care of Dr. Robert Borrego, a highly experienced trauma surgeon at the hospital.

According to Borrego’s estimation, the shark that bit Wakeman was a minimum of 7 feet in size, based on the circumference of the bite wound. The kneecap was punctured by the shark, narrowly avoiding an artery in close proximity, as per Borrego’s observation.

According to Borrego, the team diligently removed any debris from the wound to prevent infection and successfully repaired the joint injury. He reassured that Wakeman is on track for a complete recovery.

Borrego, an experienced professional who treats numerous shark bite victims annually, expressed his awe at the incredible survival of someone who managed to escape a tank with 20 sharks and retain their limb. He emphasized the swift response and lack of panic displayed by the individual as key factors contributing to their remarkable outcome.

Wakeman’s parents were well aware of the inherent risk their son faced while working on the water, including the possibility of a shark bite. However, they were still taken aback when they received the news of the incident.

“My son is now a victim of their capabilities,” expressed Rufus Wakeman, a boat captain, to reporters. He further added, “I have witnessed the aftermath of their bites through my friends, and the wounds they have had to endure are truly shocking. And now, it has happened to our son. It’s a frightening experience.”

The crew on the boat and the doctors at the clinic and hospital were thanked by his parents for their involvement.

“We’re incredibly thankful to have the opportunity to be here, allowing Marlin the chance to share his story,” expressed his mother, Melynda Wakeman, during her interaction with the press.

Wakeman expressed his gratitude for having the opportunity to share his shark encounter.

According to the individual interviewed, being bitten by an apex predator like them can result in a rather unpleasant experience. They consider themselves fortunate for having had a lucky escape, as the situation could have easily taken a turn for the worse.

During an interview, when asked about the potential impact on his future, Wakeman expressed that he may experience occasional nightmares but ultimately believes he will be able to cope.

“I should have taken an extra moment to be more cautious when I boarded the boat,” he admitted.

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