12-foot alligator relocated after making two visits to Air Force base

On May 20, a 12-foot alligator was discovered at Florida’s MacDill Air Force Base and had to be relocated due to its presence in restricted areas. This was not the first time the alligator had been found in such areas, prompting authorities to take action.

In April, an enormous 12-foot, 4-inch alligator was initially sighted at the Tampa base. It managed to make its way onto the runway and decided to settle itself near the landing gear of a plane.

Last week, the reptile made another appearance outside the Med Group facility, even after being ejected previously.

The base officials have made arrangements to permanently relocate the alligator to Gatorama and Crocodile Adventures in Palmdale. This facility is situated approximately 155 miles away from the base.

Gatorama named their new resident Major McDill as a tribute to the base.

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