10 States Under Winter Storm Warning as Heavy Snowfall Expected

Winter storm warnings have been issued for areas in 10 states as a front is expected to bring heavy, wet snow and strong winds to New England and the Great Lakes until Monday. Additionally, two more storms are forecasted to bring mountain snow to the Pacific Northwest.

The National Weather Service (NWS) has issued alerts for several states including California, Maine, Maryland, New Hampshire, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Washington, and West Virginia. These alerts serve as a warning for treacherous travel conditions and the potential of strong winds. These strong winds have the capability of bringing down tree branches and causing power outages in various areas.

Last weekend, the Sierra Nevada range in California was hit by a strong winter storm originating from the Pacific. This intense weather event resulted in an astonishing accumulation of over 12 feet of snow in the area. Additionally, higher-elevation regions of nearby states also experienced heavy snowfall and blizzard conditions.

Another winter storm arrived earlier in the same week, making landfall and then moving into the Intermountain West. This storm brought heavy snowfall from Utah to Wyoming and Colorado.

The western states have been hit with multiple rounds of heavy snowfall this winter. These snowstorms were a result of intense atmospheric rivers, which even led to a rare blizzard warning in Seattle in early January.

According to the latest forecast from the NWS, a winter storm that brought heavy rain to the mid-Atlantic on Saturday night is expected to persist on a northeasterly path through Sunday. As the front expands, colder air will wrap around it, leading to the development of snow over New England.

Cold air from Canada will bring lake-effect snow to the region downwind of the Great Lakes and into the Appalachians. This phenomenon occurs when chilly air from the northwest picks up moisture from the large bodies of water, resulting in precipitation. The area has already experienced multiple instances of lake-effect snow this winter.

According to the weather agency, the snow showers are anticipated to continue until Monday, albeit gradually diminishing as the massive storm takes its time to move away.

In eastern West Virginia and the Maryland panhandle, residents should prepare for up to 8 inches of snow and winds gusting as high as 55 miles an hour. There is a possibility of snow squalls, which can create heavy bursts of snow in certain areas. Additionally, blowing snow may significantly reduce visibility, so caution is advised.

Northeast Ohio, which borders Lake Erie, can expect to receive up to 8 inches of snow, accompanied by wind speeds of 40 miles per hour. These conditions will extend into northwestern Pennsylvania, with a forecast of up to 7 inches of snow and wind speeds of 45 miles per hour.

Southwest New York regions that border Lake Erie can expect to receive up to 9 inches of snow. On the other hand, areas bordering Lake Ontario are in line to get up to a foot of snow accompanied by winds reaching speeds of 45 miles an hour. Northern counties in the state are forecasted to experience as much as 14 inches of snow.

Vermont is bracing for a winter storm that could bring up to 14 inches of snow and winds reaching 40 miles an hour. Additionally, there is a possibility of a mix of sleet and freezing rain. Meanwhile, New Hampshire and Maine are also preparing for the storm, with anticipated snowfall of up to 10 inches and winds reaching 45 miles an hour.

The Northwest is preparing for the arrival of the latest fronts, which are expected to bring heavy snowfall of up to 30 inches and strong winds of 40 miles an hour to the Cascades in Washington. Meanwhile, north central California is also gearing up for significant snowfall of around a foot accompanied by powerful winds reaching speeds of 50 miles an hour.

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