10 individuals charged in connection to Carroll County street racing event

Additional arrests have been made following the initial apprehension of seven individuals involved in a street racing incident in Carrollton over the weekend.

The Carroll County Sheriff’s Office has released a video that captures cars engaging in reckless behavior over the weekend. The footage shows cars performing donuts in the street, dangerously circling pedestrians and narrowly avoiding collisions with them.

Seven people, along with the land owners, Preston and Rashad Bailey, were apprehended by deputies outside the event, leading to the impoundment of five cars.

Channel 2’s Veronica Griffin reported on Tuesday that deputies have also taken Tariq Gallien into custody for organizing the event.

Gallien is currently facing charges that are similar to those faced by Preston and Rashad.

According to Attorney Jessica Cino, although she is not associated with the case, she emphasized the importance of obtaining permits and insurance for events like these, as well as any other large gathering, even if it takes place on private property.

According to Cino, hosting a large event in any county or city requires obtaining a permit. The influx of cars and people traveling on county roads to attend the event can lead to congestion, increased traffic, and potential traffic accidents.

Griffin had a conversation with the owners of the property and nearby neighbors on Monday during an episode of WSB Tonight. According to them, the incident that occurred was not deemed illegal.

According to a neighbor who spoke to Channel 2 Action News, the land on Kennedy Estate in Carrollton has been described as a “spin pit.” It is important to note that this area is on private property.

The deputies trailed a couple of cars to the Kennedy Estates Neighborhood and shared drone footage of what they believe to be street racing maneuvers.

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