Opportunity for Alabamians with disabilities to connect through Youth Leadership Forum

WSFA reports that the Alabama Governor’s Youth Leadership Forum is empowering young individuals with disabilities to achieve their aspirations. Recently, participants of the forum went on a field trip to Montgomery, where they gained invaluable experiences.

A week-long event was organized for young individuals with disabilities from different parts of the state. The event was aimed at fostering friendship, connectivity, and providing a fun experience for them.

According to Tasha Betts, the statewide transition coordinator with the Alabama Department of Rehab Services, individuals with disabilities are beginning to realize that it is perfectly fine to embrace their true selves. They are discovering that they need not view their disabilities as a hindrance because there are numerous accommodations and support systems available to them.

The forum has been held for 24 years now and typically takes place at Troy University. However, this year it was relocated to Auburn, with a day trip to Montgomery to explore the Capitol and gain insights into state politics.

According to Betts, when the delegates first arrived, they were a bit apprehensive and reserved. Many of them had never been away from home before. However, as time went on, they began to open up and form close relationships with one another. Betts noted that these connections would last a lifetime.

Current participants had the opportunity to connect with former delegates during the event.

In the year 2000, Hannah Floyd took part in YLF. Currently, she holds a master’s degree from Troy University and is employed full-time.

Floyd expressed his delight in the networking opportunity he had during the program. He recounted how he and Mr. Roosevelt went through the program together and bonded over the fact that it was their first time away from home. Floyd enjoyed the experience and also mentioned how they relished going to the movies.’

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